The Witchcraft Today Series

Chas S. Clifton, editor

Published by Llewellyn Publications


I. The Modern Craft Movement

"A Quick History of Witchcraft's Revival" (Chas S. Clifton)
"An Insider's Look at Pagan Festivals" (Oz)
"Seasonal Rites/Magical Rites" (Pauline Campanelli)
"Witchcraft and Healing" (Morwyn)
"Sex Magic" (Valerie Voigt)
"Men and Women in Witchcraft" (Janet & Stewart Farrar)
"Witches and the Earth" (Chas S. Clifton)
"The Solo Witch" (Heather O'Dell)
"Witchcraft and the Law" (Pete Pathfinder)
"Bone Beaters: Witchcraft and Shamanism" (Grey Cat)
"Being a Pagan in a 9-to-5 World" (Valerie Voigt)

II. Modern Rites of Passage

"Rites of Passage" (Chas S. Clifton)
"Having a Magickal Child: Childbirth and Wiccaning" (Trish Telesco)
"Raising a Pagan Child" (Karen Charboneau-Harrison)
"Between the Worlds: Late Adolescence and Early Adulthood in Modern Paganism" (Anodea Judith)
"Other People's Kids: Working with the Underaged Seeker" (Judy Harrow)
"'Coming Home': Reflections on Conversion to Wicca" (Darcie)
"Handfasting: Marriage and the Modern Pagan" (Jeff Charboneau-Harrison)
"Puberty Rites for Adult Women" (Oz)
"Reweaving the Web: Pagan Approaches to Illness, Grief, and Loss" (Paul S.C. Suliin)
"Witches After 40" (Grey Cat)
"Pagan Rites of Dying" (Oz)

III. Witchcraft and Shamanism

"Shamanism and Neoshamanism" (Chas S. Clifton)
"Shamans, Witches, and the Rediscovery of Trance Postures" (Felicitas Goodman)
"Flying Witches: The Unguenti Sabbati in Traditional Witchcraft" (Michael Howard)
"Common Yearnings: What Witchcraft and Shamanism Share" (Karen Goeller)
"What Happened to Western Shamanism?" (Chas S. Clifton)
"Seeking Gitksan Shamanism" (Maggie Mountain Lion)
"Where New Pagans and Modern Cultural Beliefs Collide" (George Dew)
"Nobody in Here Now but Us 'Neos': A Neo-Jungian Perspective on Neoshamanism's Inner Journey" (Daniel C. Noel)
"The Second Gate: A Perspective on Witchcraft and Shamanism from Arizona's Crystal Cave" (Ashleen O'Gaea)
"Sacred Mask and Sacred Trance" (Evan John Jones)
"Obtaining a Power Animal" (G.A. Hawk)
"The Geography of the Otherworld" (Angela Barker)
"Seeing the Sun at Midnight: Ordinary and Nonordinary States of Consciousness" (Kisma Stepanich)
"Communication with Spirit Guides" (Oz)
Appendix: "A Word about Feathers" (Chas S. Clifton)

IV. Living Between Two Worlds: Challenges of the Modern Witch

"Living Between Two Worlds" (Chas S. Clifton)
"Griffins and Grocery Stores: Everyday Life Between the Worlds" (Ashleen O'Gaea)
"Cast Me a Spell: The Witch as Magical Technician" (Paul S.C. Suliin)
"Priestess and Pastor: Serving Between the Worlds" (Reverend B)
"Why I Stay in the Closet" (Morven)
"'Tis Evil Luck to Speak of It: Secrecy and the Craft" (Judy Harrow)
"The Us-Them Dichotomy" (Malcolm Brenner)
"When Sex is a Sacrament: Sexuality Between the Worlds" (Rhiannon Asher)


The "controversial" chapters removed from
Living Between Two Worlds

"Between Sanity and Madness" by Oz

"People who are mad are said to live in a world of dissociative realities. As a Witch in the twentieth century civilized world, I have walked and lived in many different realities. Some of these are considered real by almost everyone, many are very private, and some I have shared with only a few others." (Subsequently published in Mezlim.)

"Going Public" by Gavin & Yvonne Frost

"We all live between several worlds. Few of us realize how readily we put on the mask suitable for each world. We rapidly change those masks as we move through our daily life. For the Wiccan or New-ager, changing the masks becomes second nature. We have specialized vocabularies, clothing, even postures and movements that we assume with each mask, each appropriate to the world in which we are currently operating."

"What Should We Teach Our Children about Our Religion?" by Maggie Mountain Lion.

"What should we teach our children about our religion? Very little, in my opinion. I think we should put our emphasis on guiding their spiritual growth, which is not the same thing at all. If we give them a thoroughly ethical and multicultural environment to grow in, I believe we can trust them to make their own meaningful decisions about religion--just as we did ourselves."

The author of the chapter "Pointy Hats and Hard Hats" asked that it not be posted here. After being rejected, it was subsequently published in issue number 64 (Midsummer 1995) of Songs of the Dayshift Foreman.

"The Karma of Obsession" by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

"I am married to a god. . . . Well, no; but there are more than a few individuals out there who believe that he is: the ones who also like to think they know better than I the true nature of the man I did in fact wed, or the truth of his life, or of our personal relationship, or of their own stake and interest in all this. This belief endangers them since, logically, if my wedded consort is a god, that would make me--in the time-honored tradition of Olympus and other divine hangouts--a goddess by marriage. And goddesses--another time-honored tradition--have been known to lob the odd thunderbolt at worshipers who get up their divine noses." (Subsequently published in Red Queen.)