Saturday, August 19, 2006

Eros in the classroom

I was talking with one of the librarians at school last week, and although I do not remember how it came up, I said something about the "erotic side" of teaching.

Her eyes widened a little, so I had to explain myself: I do not mean going to bed with one's students. That happens, but not so often as people think (not to me though, as student or as professor).

It looks like I pugged into that ol' devil Zeitgeist, because one of my favorite academic bloggers has a whole post on the subject.

Humorless, irony-impaired PC secularists probably have even more trouble separating Eros from physical sex than do at least some monotheists. Look at the trouble Christina Nehring had with people at her own institution whose worldview demanded that she be framed as "powerless."

Bonus: I learn that Mary Beard has a blog!

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