Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dragonfest deaths and Internet privacy

The fact that two people died--both of natural causes--at the big Dragonfest last weekend made one of Denver's two major papers. And a television station.

What I expect will really kick up some dust is that the article quotes postings from one of Colorado's businest Pagan email lists, which has 355 members.

UPDATE: The quotes were probably taken off the Dragonfest forum, which is publicly accessible. But I was not the only one confused about that.

It's another warning that nothing posted on the Web is really private: blogs, lists, MySpace, LiveJournal, whatever.

As for the big, daytime, "drawing down" ritual, from what I have read on that list and elsewhere, it worked for some people and disappointed others.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My cynical side (along with knowing enough/too much about the person who posted) tells me it was intentional, and that she has been around the internet long enough to know how public the D-fest site is; i.e. it was intentional, in my opinion. Intent cast, Drama manifested, so mote it be.


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