Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Graham Harvey speaks on Animism

Pagan scholar Graham Harvey is just back from convention-ing in Australia, where among other things he did this interview on animism on Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio. Listen online or download the 23-megabyte mp3 file. Capsule description:

The oldest living religion, Animism, has a new advocate in pagan expert, Graham Harvey. But it's not the old idea of 'beliefs in spirits'. Harvey says that plants, animals, rocks and fish are just some of the significant others we should be communicating with to heighten our cosmic consciousness and environmental awareness. We also hear from practising pagans in South Australia.

The series is called "The Spirit of Things," and next week, I am told, it will feature another Pagan academic, Doug Ezzy of the University of Tasmania.

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Blogger Lauren said...

I unfortunately missed both Graham Harvey and Doug Ezzy at the AASR conference. I was catching a plane home when Harvey was speaking and was giving my own paper at the same time as Ezzy.

I had forgotten to check the Spirit of Things website for a while, thanks for posting about this.

6:54 PM  
Blogger little lightening bolt said...

that was a great interview...
check out the work we are doing with new animism...

9:10 PM  

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