Friday, April 21, 2006

Llewellyn takes on a school board

Llewellyn, the largest New Age/Pagan/astrological publisher in the US, has pushed a North Carolina school board into a corner. When the board said that "religious groups" could distribute "scripture" in the school's, Llewellyn's publicist decided that the works of Silver Ravenwolf would qualify as well.

Jason Pitzl-Waters has the details.

The whole issue reminds me of the plot line of Heathens Idolize School Prayer, one of the Chick-style pamphlets distributed by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.

It's been almost a decade since I was working with Llewellyn, and everyone whom I knew there has since moved on, except the Weschckes, who own the company. Carl Weschcke has always taken a slightly messianic view of his business, which is not a bad thing for a publisher to do. But he does so while looking at the bottom line.

"The move was definitely more of an educational motive than a political motive," says the publicist. Yes, and, if successful, it's reaching the teen and young-adult customer base that Llewellyn targets.

This calls for a Glenn Reynolds-ish "heh."



Blogger Deborah said...

The publicist in question is my publicist there. He acted on his own and he was afraid he'd get in trouble with the Weschke's, but he was commended. He swears up and down he wasn't financially motivated and in fact says he'd have planned it differently if he was. I believe him.

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