Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Caesar's caesarean, and other myths

How many myths about the ancient world had you always thought were true?

And how did the C in Caesar become soft, anyway? We should be saying "kaiser." (Via Rogue Classicism.)


Blogger Judas said...

Myths of the accient world and all they have to say is Jesus was not born on Chritmas day. I'd say that there was a little more to be querstioned than just that. Such as if the jews found him guilty of belsphomy why wasn't he stoned?

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8:49 AM  
Blogger vs-f said...

When I studied Latin--at a convent school in the 1950s--we did pronounce Caesar with a K sound. And in first declension, we pronounced terrae as "tear eye"

4:14 PM  

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