Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A holy relic of St. Duluoz

The first draft of one of the 20th century's most influential books has arrived in San Francisco.

Last week, an airtight black suitcase passed through a security checkpoint at the Indianapolis International Airport on its way to San Francisco. A guard ordered the case opened and found inside a tattered and frayed scroll of yellowed paper 119 feet and 8 inches long.

"Oh I know what this is," the baggage screener said to Jim Canary, a conservator who was accompanying the artifact. "This is one of them religious scrolls, ain't it?"

An acquaintance who is studying to become a library technician was asking M. and me at a party last weekend to name ten most influential books in our lives. M. listed this as one of hers, saying it inspired her to go on the road at age 28 or so, wind up in Colorado and, as it happened, meet me.

One of these days, I will post both of our lists.



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