Friday, January 20, 2006

And you thought our buildings were Gothic

Will a Goth eucharist bring the Goth kids back into the Gothic buildings?

The candlelit Goth Eucharist services feature a specially written liturgy and music from bands like Depeche Mode, Joy Division and the Sisters of Mercy.

I doubt it, because it's not about the music.

When I was in my early teens down at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, someone tried a "folk [music] Mass." Folk Masses were big in the mid-1960s. Tambourines and guitars in church--whee! I get to bang the tambourine! Cool!

But I still walked out the door at age 15. Not because I was mad about "adult hypocrisy." Not because the probably gay curate tried to molest me in the sacristy--to my knowledge, he never tried anything with any of the altar boys.

But because the Church's explanation of the universe did not make sense to me. Playing "my music" would not have helped.

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