Thursday, December 22, 2005

Candles for Pagans

I like candles. So did my mother, a life-long Episcopalian. To her, I suppose they suggested gracious living. She died ten years ago, and M. and I still have not used up all the candles that she left behind.

Ever since our handfasting, we have been pretty well "out" to our families. So when Yuletide comes around, they must think Paganism > magic > interior decoration > candles.

We have American candles, Italian candles, Israeli candles, candles shaped like animals. We have enough candlesticks and multiple-votive-candle holders for a small Catholic church. And they are all tasteful and fine, except that lately M. has been concerned about health effects, so we don't burn candles in the quantities of old, except during our annual four-day power failure.

On the other hand, this year M.'s sister sent a box of organic French chocolate truffles. Could we encourage this trend?



Anonymous feithy said...

How lovely to get candles, eh? I love them, too, and don't burn them in the same quantity as I used to for the same reasons.

Happy Yuletide!!


7:23 AM  

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