Friday, November 25, 2005

The White Goddess

Lee Gilmore writes of synchronistic experiences involving Robert Graves' "historical grammar of poetic myth," The White Goddess.

First published in 1948, it was for many people a "gateway book" to Goddess religion--it certainly was that for me. (Maybe we should devote a Pagan Studies session to it.)

Lee also reports on her own experiences at this year's AAR-SBL.

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Anonymous qibitum said...

Glad you like the story. Strange, a bit, to have this bit of my personal mythology (true story that it is) perused by as many eyeballs as I presume read here (as opposed to my little play-pen, as I think of my livejournal), but c'est la blog. I suddenly have 4 or 5 new readers ("friends" in lj parlance), so it really must be a good story!

And maybe we should have a session not just on the White Goddess, but on other "gateway books." Mine were Drawing Down the Moon & Spiral Dance, as I suspect was the case for many in my generation. How to make that session analytical, useful, or provocative escapes me just now, but if I think of anything I'll let you know...

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