Friday, October 28, 2005

Witchy Woman

Marin County, Calif., Witch and writer Macha NightMare sits down for a friendly chat with a reporter.

Whatever else one might expect from having coffee with a world-famous practicing witch, one can’t come away from a meeting with Macha NightMare without being certain of one thing: She’s quite religious. Not in the dangerous, frothing, uncomfortable manner one sometimes associates with unhinged religious fervor, but more in the mold of a funny, confident, appealingly eccentric nun, the kind who knows what she believes and is calmly empowered by it, the kind you might meet at a wedding or peace rally, and walk away later feeling glad you’d met her.

It's a better-than-average "Silly Season" article, thanks to an articulate interview subject and a sympathetic interviewer.

Macha notes separately that she herself does not teach Media & Public Relations at Cherry Hill Seminary.

UPDATE: She is interviewed here too. She is the Bay Area's go-to Witch.

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