Friday, October 14, 2005

Both product and producer

An interesting post on "creating a scholarly voice" from Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

Sometimes something akin to "scholarly voice" is discussed in the context of the need for scholars to "brand" themselves. That is, it is thought that academics must develop and maintain a unique, immediately recognizable identity for themselves and their work. These two things--"themselves" and "their work"--become largely interchangeable in the branding process: Scholars are both product and producer.

All that is missing is the advice that I got from some more experienced writer at some point: "The first million words are just for practice." Dang, I've used that phrase twice now.



Blogger Carol said...

“Your first million words are for practice. They don’t count. Remember that” comes from David Gerrold. Probably best to not say they don't count when working with younger or newer writers who are struggling to feel that what they are writing is worth the struggle.

Gerrold estimates that that would be about 10 novels' worth of writing.

I'm really glad you've quoted it, and I've swiped it to tell the middle school students I've been working with.

Carol Maltby

11:33 AM  

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