Saturday, August 06, 2005

Apples and honey

Even though it was billed as a horror film, and even though no one whom I knew ever endorsed the ending, the 1973 movie The Wicker Man still inspired many of us who were then in the Pagan movement. We loved the idea of a place like Summerisle, a functioning society based on Pagan principles.

The new version that's in the works, starring Nicholas Cage as the interfering policeman and directed by Neil LaBute, moves the island from the Scottish coast to Puget Sound.

But the remake lacks the tension of the original, says this script reviewer.

My problems with this draft all stem from the changes made to the main character. Malus isn't anywhere near as intense or conflicted as Howie; indeed, compared to him, Malus is a relative dork. He is allergic to bee stings and carries his bee sting kit with him when he travels to SummerIsle (along with his rosary beads and self-help tapes). He is a California cop out removed to this isolated Washington community. His very modern manner contrasts with the simplicity of the locals; think Witness but if it were remade as horror-lite.

This island community produces honey rather than apples. The cop's name, Malus (rather than Howie as in the original), is the botanical genus for apples--a little tribute to the original.


Blogger Jason said...

While I would never endorse human sacrifice, I do often joke that the movie has a "happy ending" at least from the perspective of the residents of Summerisle.

I'm not looking forward to the remake. Some movies are classics and shouldn't be touched. I bet it isn't even a musical!

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