Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pagan Studies update

Three new journal articles related to Pagan Studies and/or nature-based religion:

Lynn Ross-Bryant, "Sacred Sites: Nature and Nation in the U.S. National Parks," Religion and American Culture 15.1 (Winter 2005): 31-62.

Adrian Ivakhiv, "In Search of Deeper Identities: Neopaganism and 'Native Faith" in Contemporary Ukraine," Nova Religio 8.3 (March 2005): 7-38.

Michael Strmiska, "The Music of the Past in Modern Baltic Paganism," Nova Religio 8.3 (March 2005): 39-58.

Available at your favorite university library or through interlibrary loan!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

About your Encyclopedia of Heresies: I am disappointed by too many errors.

I do not intend to correct everything, but please note that the french King who dismantled the Templars was not Philippe I, but Philippe IV, one of the most important kings in French history.


1:39 AM  

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