Sunday, January 02, 2005

Moab is not yet destroyed

One of the guys whose rants are collected under the name of the prophet Isaiah once ranted," “On the night when Ar is sacked, Moab meets her doom/ on the night when Kir is sacked, Moab meets her doom" (Isaiah 15:1).

I can say that Moab is still here. I am, however, in Moab, Utah, whereas the prophet was ranting about biblical Moab, the area east of the Dead Sea--now part of Jordan. "Ar" and "Kir" were its so-called capitals.

The funny thing is, when you read those guys ranting ("Damascus shall be a city no longer!"--When was it destroyed?), the more they all sound like Osama Bin Ladin.

Meanwhile, here in the other Moab, it's a good time for visiting places like Arches National Park without the March-through-October crowds.

What annoys me about places like Arches--and many other places--is that the most amazing geological formations are named for the Christian devil. Here it's "Devil's Garden," which has the largest collection of natural arches in the park. Or think of Devil's Tower, Wyoming, to name one prominent example. Or Devil's Hole, a steep side valley off the Arkansas River canyon above Cotopaxi, Colorado.

On the other hand, if Pagans had settled this area in historic times, there would be hundreds of rock formations with names like "Penis of [fill in name of fertility deity]." It would be almost boring.

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